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Aluminum has remained a favorite material when designing gates that may be particularly unique. It`s lightweight construction and durability have proven especially successful for gates near the beach or wider gates.

Aluminum is sometimes a preferred choice for driveway gates. Even though it isn’t as durable or sturdy as some other metals, aluminum is lightweight making it ideal for larger gates without as much worry over sagging or misalignment. Aluminum is also more affordable and is highly resistant to rust.

Why choose Aluminum?


Aluminum gates are all welded construction. No bolting, no crushing.

Aluminum is a cost-effective alternative to wood gates and provides an equally beautiful appearance

cost effective.png

Aluminum will never sag. If a vehicle damages your gate, it is easily repairable


We also design aluminum gates to look like wood gates for a number of reasons, including personal taste, cost or structural specifications. The wood finish is applied by hand, using a brush, which imitates the appearance of natural wood grain. 

Only knocking on it will give it away!


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