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   Our experts handcraft each wood gate and column in our Westhampton Beach and Yaphank shops, using only the finest, premium grade geniune Honduran Mahogany, Teak, Western Red Cedar, White or Red Oak. We never use pine, poplar, plywood, composite board or AZEK.

   This is a great material for driveway gates, especially if you want more options for customization and design. There’s a lot you can do with wood to change the design, right down to the type of wood you choose for color and texture variations. The major downsides to consider with wood is that it’s considerably heavier, can be more costly, and wood is prone to cracking and warping – that means more frequent maintenance.


No bolting or drilling. This causes wood to split over time


Instead, we laminate thin, small pieces of wood together using WEST epoxy, creating strong, resistant product


If a vehicle damages your gate, we simply replace the damaged wood at our shop

Steel Frames

The 3/4 "thick wood cladding, set in the custom design, is attached to a 2" x 2" steel gate frame using epoxy and urethane glue.

Why choose wood?


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