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Here, in the Hamptons, we`re up against some tough conditions. A seven-month irrigation cycle and our proximity to the coast means we`ve got a fairly wet environment. Over time, water can penetrate gate elements and slow operation. AutoGate System`s automatic driveway gates are designed to stand up to the elements, but like all automatic gates, require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The fall is the best time to combat the effects of water and weather with regular gate maintenance.

All automatic driveway gates require maintenance. We offer our customers a comprehensive service agreement to ensure that your automatic driveway gate is always operating properly.


Parts and labor repair costs


Mechanical failure beyond the warranty period


Scheduled annual maintenance visit

Repairs should be completed in a timely fashion and calls returned within 24 hours.

What`s covered:

Structural framework:

  • Gate supporting Framework

  • Hinge pintels

  • Adjustable stops

  • Welds

Support posts

  • Steel support posts

  • Adjustable hinges

  • Post anchors

The Foundations

  • Poured concrete foundations

Gate automation servicing brands:






...and more!

The following peripherals are included under this category:

  • Gate Operator Control Panel. 

  • Installed Circuit Surge Protectors (Low voltage, telephone line, line voltage). 

  • Magnetic Vehicle Detector and Safety Detector. 

  • Pedestrian Exit Button. 

  • Radio Receiver. 

  • Alarm Output Circuit. 

  • Telephone Access Control (Sentex Crown Jewel Keypad). 

  • Surge Protection, Underground Wiring, Underground loop detector. 

  • Hydraulic Gate Automation (Actuators, Pumps, Hydraulic Plumbing). 

  • Slide Gate Operator(s), electro-mechanical and hydraulic gear rack or drive chain. 

  • Bearing Hinges, Sliding Travelers, Roller Bearings, Positive Stops. 

  • Clean and inspect all Electrical Enclosures, Keypad, Control Panels and Switches. 

  • Remove all insect nests and webs. 

  • Lubricate Bearing Hinges and/or Gate Operator Extension Brackets. Check Hinge Bushing Clearance, Replace Bushings when necessary. 

  • Extract and replace Hydraulic oil, fill to correct level. Check for water accumulation and repair any oil leaks. Replace any burned out lighting elements (Entry keypad) or fluid heater elements 

  • Check communications line for noise, check keypad for stuck buttons or corrosion. 

  • Check microphone and speaker for corrosion and/or insect damage, replace when necessary. 

  • Add or Delete Access Codes as Requested. Download and Print Access Control Activity Log. 

  • Treat any visible corrosion with Ospho 6 Corrosion inhibitor. 

  • Lightning or Power Surge Damage to Any of the Components Installed by AutoGate Systems, Inc. 


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