Most driveway gates are made using powder-coated steel which is chosen for it’s ease of manufacture and customization. It’s also highly durable and sturdy making it a good choice for long-term use and improving home securityOur  production steel gates are superior to mass produced fence products, designed for and integrated with our gate operators and support post.

All gates fabricated in house


Substantial all welded construction

Finish is satin black powder coat over flame sprayed zinc


Durable and well thought out design built for gate automation 

Our production steel gates includes rear offset hinges, adjustable positive stops and integrated gate operator front and rear brackets. The gate operators offered start with the piston type SEA Half Tank, but can be ordered set up for SEA 1600 in-ground. The top of gates have a 12" transition curved rail. Standard size gates are for 14ft clear opening width (with gates open) and 7'6" high at the arch, 6'6" high at the hinge side. Height can be shortened to 6' for installation in towns and villages with 6' height restrictions.